Commissioner of Nunavut

Description and Symbolism – Badge

At the center is the shield of Nunavut territory. The shield shape is round. The main part is yellow, with a black qulliq, or seal oil lamp, with red frames on the (viewer’s) left, and a blue inuksuk on the right. The top third is blue and there are five yellow discs descending in an arc to the centre, the centre disc being only half visible. At the top is a yellow star. Resting on the top edge of this is the crest of Nunavut Territory, a crest-wreath of white and blue on which is s white igloo with a yellow window above the entrance, and the Royal Crown at the top of the igloo. On either side of the shield are maple leaves in yellow, each branch topped by a purple saxifrage flower in its natural colours.

The badge follows the designs for other badge designs, the provincial or territorial arms surrounded by maple leaves, with the elements used by the other territories, the territorial flowers and crest.