Commissioner of Nunavut

Guideline for events involving
the Commissioner

When the Commissioner attends an official function, he/she is accompanied by an honourary aide-de-camp. An aide-de-camp is a currently serving, or former officer, of the Canadian Armed Forces (Navy, Army or Air Force), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or Rangers. An aide-de-camp is appointed to serve at the pleasure of the Commissioner during his/her term of office. As the title indicated to be selected as an aide-de-camp is a high honour.

The majority of the honourary aides-de-camp are employed fulltime in a variety of professions with others fulfilling military or community commitments. As a consequence, they all serve as their schedules allow.

Inviting the Commissioner of Nunavut to an event

The first contact an organization has when extending an invitation to the Commissioner to attend a function is with the Office of the Commissioner. The organization should inform the Commissioner’s Office of their expectations. The Commissioner’s office will provide the necessary protocol material and is available as a resource for those organizing the event.

The honourary aide-de-camp may also contact the organization to become familiar with the plans of the event and to provide any assistance as needed in areas such as:

  • time of arrival
  • greeting the Commissioner
  • introduction of the Commissioner
  • seating arrangements
  • departure of the Commissioner
Although the honourary aide-de-camp accompanies the Commissioner, it is not necessary for this person to be seated on the platform or at the head table. In most instances, it is more appropriate for the aide-de-camp to be seated at a table with an unrestricted view of the Commissioner in order to fulfill all his/her responsibilities. The role of the honourary aide-de-camp is to assist the Commissioner in the performance of his/her duties, while at the same time providing assistance to event organizers in order to have a smooth, efficient function.