Commissioner of Nunavut

Air Cadets 795 Squadron in Iqaluit
February 7, 2012

Nunavut Commissioner

Inspection and parade hosted by the Air Cadets 795 Squadron in Iqaluit on 07 February 2012.

As the event was to mark the Diamond Jubilee, it started with a parade, then inspection by Commissioner Edna Elias. We were also honoured with the company of Chief Superintendent of the RCMP, representation from the Military, the Royal Canadian Legion and parents and friend of the Cadets.

As there were no Diamond Jubilee medals yet, Commissioner Elias took this opportunity to present Vice Regal Commendations to Aide de Camps Captain Adam Chubbs and Captain John Graham who have been serving the Office of the Commissioner since the beginning of Nunavut as a territory.

Also to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen Elizabeth ascension to the Throne, Commissioner Elias offered a short speech, a jubilee pin for all the cadets, and her office had a cake made for the event.